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About Leadership and Our History

Digital Marketing Services has a rich history of strong leadership, which has been crucial in enhancing client outcomes and overall customer satisfaction. The company was founded in 2001 by Corey Spann, who had already worked in the printing and design industry before starting his own venture.

Before starting Digital Marketing Services, he had experience in Tooling, Aerospace, and Construction sectors, where he further honed his marketing and printing skills. He also had the opportunity to work for a UK-based publishing company, where he served as an editor for a nationally published magazine.

While continuing to operate in the commercial printing and marketing industry, he pursued his passion for writing by releasing “Imminent Threat,” an original international espionage novel through Digital Marketing Services. This further showcases the company’s dedication to creativity and innovation.

Imminent Threat

Digital Marketing has constantly evolved since its inception, with innovation and specialization at the forefront of our business strategy. We have continually adapted to changing market demands, keeping pace with the latest advancements in printing technology and design capabilities. As a result, we have expanded our service offerings to include a wider range of customized promotional products, allowing us to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution for all their marketing needs.

We bring a wealth of experience to the table with an understanding of industry trends and best practices. We pride ourselves on our ability to work collaboratively with clients, developing innovative solutions that meet their unique needs and exceed their expectations. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake, from concept to final delivery.

As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to driving innovation and growth in the marketing industry. We are committed to investing in the latest technology and techniques, ensuring that our clients receive the most advanced and effective solutions available. With a focus on building lasting partnerships and delivering exceptional value, we are confident in our ability to help businesses succeed and thrive in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

Our Company History

Digital Marketing Services was founded in 2001 by Corey Spann, who had over a decade of experience in the printing and design industry. Since then, the company has grown and expanded its services to include customized promotional products and a full range of marketing and printing solutions. Today, Digital Marketing Services continues to uphold its commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Corey Spann

We are continuously striving to improve through innovation and knowledge

Digital Marketing strives to provide the highest quality products and services through continued evaluation of the industry and innovation in our processes. We are successful when our clients are successful.

  • Client Evaluation

    Determine what the individual needs are for our varied clients through discussion, review of materials and client expectations.

  • Develop A Strategy

    Provide our clients with the best solution possible based on budgetary constraints, return on investment, and feasibility with a teamwork approach.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    A competitive quoting process allows the individual needs of our clients and their projects to be maximized.

  • Deliver on Our Promise

    After determining the best solution utilizing a collaborative approach the highest quality products and services are delivered to our clients. This approach yields higher client satisfaction and higher-quality final products.

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