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About Leadership and Our History

Our history of strong leadership leads to better client outcomes while increasing overall customer satisfaction.

In 2001 Corey Spann founded Digital Marketing Services to provide high-quality marketing services after working in the printing and design industry for over a decade.

Before Digital Marketing, he worked for companies in Tooling, Aerospace, and Construction while further developing his marketing and printing skills. This included working for a UK-based publishing company serving as an editor for a nationally published magazine.

His interests reached beyond commercial printing and marketing, releasing “Imminent Threat,” an original international espionage novel through Digital Marketing Services.

Digital Marketing has also completed Department of Defense (DoD) Mandatory Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) training to help secure our nation’s supply chain. “The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) has created a mandatory CUI training program for DoD employees and its industry partners.

CUI training is mandatory for all DoD civilian and military personnel as well as contractors in accordance with DoD Instruction 5200.48, paragraph 3.6(b). This training fulfills the CUI training requirements for industry when it is required by Government Contracting Activities for contracts with CUI requirements.”

Imminent Threat

Our Company History

Digital Marketing has added to its services throughout the decades with innovation and specialization in printing services and design capabilities while now adding new offerings such as customized promotional products.

Corey Spann

We are continuously striving to improve through innovation and knowledge

Digital Marketing strives to provide the highest quality products and services through continued evaluation of the industry and innovation in our processes. We are successful when our clients are successful.

  • Client Evaluation

    Determine what the individual needs are for our varied clients through discussion, review of materials and client expectations.

  • Develop A Strategy

    Provide our clients with the best solution possible based on budgetary constraints, return on investment, and feasibility with a teamwork approach.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    A competitive quoting process allows the individual needs of our clients and their projects to be maximized.

  • Deliver on Our Promise

    After determining the best solution utilizing a collaborative approach the highest quality products and services are delivered to our clients. This approach yields higher client satisfaction and higher-quality final products.

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